WCK Pamphlets

Designed to evidence the remarkable contemporary and innovative poetry being written by current and recent Kingston University Creative Writing students, this series of beautifully designed pamphlets each features a suite of poems, most often on one theme or in one style, by a solo author. The series mark the first publications of many poets who are very likely to be significant presences on the UK scene and beyond in the coming years.

“Kingston University brings together students from all over the world, from as wide a range of backgrounds and cultures as can be found in the UK. It creates a community that cross pollinates influences and ideas, and this is inevitably reflected in the work the students create. The university does not get enough credit for this – it is, I have seen, a vibrant, harmonious environment where originality and difference can be transformed into exciting and innovative expression. The students are hungry for that which is innovative, that which allows them to express the true size and complexity of their experience and their community at the university. This series of poetry pamphlets reflects that. The work is utterly contemporary, it is exciting and energetic. It is, I hope, the best kind of representation of what Kingston University stands for – intelligent, unique and various in its character.”
Series editor, SJ Fowler

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future dentist.
Molly Bergin
Published October 2017
ISBN  978-1-910578-63-6
A6 Size,
16 printed pages,
Print run of 100
Writers Centre Kingston Chapbook Series Edition #1
Price – £2.60
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