Train or Ward? by Alban Low

Welcome to the first publication in our Poster/Pamphlet series.

Train_or_ward_coverTrain or Ward?
A five page A5 pamphlet that folds out into A3 poster in full colour.
The pack also includes one 5x7cm magnet from the NOSE exhibition 2014.

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48 vignettes that document one-sided conversations heard on trains from around the UK and within a Simulated Mental Health ward at Kingston University and St George’s University London. Can you guess where each conversation originated?
These vignettes were first exhibited at the NOSE Festival in Exeter on the 29th March 2014 as a set of magnetic artworks each measuring 5 x 7cm. They were placed on lampposts and railings throughout the city, the public were invited to pick them up and collect or to leave for people to discover throughout the festival. Psychotherapist Harvey Wells joined artist Alban Low both in installing the magnets and in the simulated ward where they instigated their successful art programme.


Train or Ward Poster (A3)

Not Open Studios Exeter 2014 (NOSE) is a fringe event where the focus is on artworks and
artists working outside of the confines of studio-based practice. It reframes the City with elusive and surreptitious events, that includes site-sympathetic/specific interventions and installations; sensory journeys and acts of close observation; gestures, marks and interfaces.

“If you sit still long enough, just watch and listen, then people’s stories come to you, whether that is riding a bus or sitting in doctor’s waiting room. This project started as amusing illustrations for my facebook friends and has picked up speed ever since. The ‘Train or Ward’ exhibition aims to break down the oundaries by taking Art out of the gallery and into public spaces but also by challenging attitudes towards Mental Health in the community. The ‘normal’ lines are blurred, it is impossible to detect whether a conversation has originated from
the mental health ward or the local train. It is clear though that there is humour and pathos in abundance in both these environments.” Alban Low

ISBN  978-0-9534712-6-3
Folded – A5 (148 x 210mm) 4 page
Flat – A3 (297 x 420mm) 1 Poster
Signed by artist Alban Low on poster (Bottom right)
SLB0005 Each pack contains a 50x70mm magnet from the Train or Ward exhibition

BUY Train or Ward – £2 (+ £1.20 P&P to UK address)

The Future Bound 2013: A Creative Yearbook from UCA Epsom Further Education Students

future_bound_image69 Pages of insightful artwork from UCA Epsom’s Diploma in Art and Design –
Foundation Studies, Pre-U Level 3 Diploma students and CollectConnect artists

The Future Bound
Published May 2013
ISBN 978-0-9534712-2-5,
72 pages A5 Softback
Author – Various Artists
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The_future_bound_Epsom_UCA_publicity_33%Artwork by 4. Robert Norris 5. Stuart Duffell 6. Abigail Verge 7. Rachel Yemitan
8. Alice Firman 9. Lexy Sharps 10. Perry Rowe – 11. Tunika Biswas 12. Robert
Reynolds 13. Pascale Davies 14. Jessica Tallett 15. Natalie Harris 16. Claudia
Lussana 17. Elouise Chadderton-Illing 18. Charlotte Harris 19. Lydia Dwek 20.
Laura Gravenell 21. Colette George 22. Alice Darby 23. Natasha Skliar-Ward 24.
Kimberley Bautista 25. Rosie Howe 26. Ellie Revell 27. Sophia Taylor 28.
Jonathan Kvedaras 29. Rosie Storer 30. Emmanuel Anim-Ayekoh 31. Elisabeth Lewis
32. Branka Kovacevic 33. Natalie Hallson 34. Alban Low 35.Elizabeth Rudrum 36.
Laura Matthews 37. James Etherington 38. Jakub Grzybowski 39. Flikaline Rosalka
(Lissea Jordan) – 40. Lauren Taylor Slevin 41. Matthew Fiveash 42. Sadiyah Mir
43. Madeleine Taylor 44. Sylwia Misarko 45. Bryan Benge 46. Emily Brinkley 47.
Joshua Rodrigues – The Gambling World 48. Lucy Carasco – and joined 49. Elli
Abernethy – Innocence 50. Daniel Gould – Apollo 51. Rosalind Adams – 52. Chloe
Laurence – Rooftops 53. Michaela Yearwood-Dan – Stimulants 54. Rhys Downey –
Waiting 55. Talia De Cunha – A Nest 56. Perry Rowe 57. Lilian Nejatpour 58.
Fraser Donaldson – The Majestic 59. Rumena Ahmed – A Bunch 60. Sabryanne Surrey
– Shieldmaiden 61. Paige Brown – Everywhere, Peace 62. Louise Griffin – A Cave
63. Gemma Louise Blackett – Plant That 64. Gemma Okeke – Tools and 65. Simone H
Ackuaku – Its Statement 66. Ellie Chasty – Obesity 67. Dean Reddick – Incisionin
68. Claire Moisset – 69. Kayliegh Daly – Ugly Future 70. Stuart Simler – Journey
to Anywhere 71. Nina Patel – Will Be 72. Niamh Wilson

Therapeutic Interventions For Mental Health Professionals – Harvey Wells

Harvey_book_1This is the first book in Sampson Low’s Professional Series.

Therapeutic Interventions For Mental Health Professionals
This book is designed to provide a framework within which a practioner can learn and develop the skills appropriate for working with clients with mental health problems. The approach within this book has been developed in clinical practice and refined in the process of teaching clinical skills to mental health professionals. It intergrates ideas from several schools of thought into a coherent structured approach suitable for engaging clients in meaningful therapeutic activities. This valuable publication is suitable for both qualified mental health professionals and those in training.

Harvey Wells BSc MSc MBPsS FHEA is a practising psychotherapist with over 15 years in the profession. He has worked with clients in the NHS, the voluntary services and in private practice. He is currently a Senior Lecturer in Mental Health at the School of Nursing, Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education, St George’s, University of London, and Kingston University.

Therapeutic-Interventions-Mental-Health-Professionals_harvey_WellsTherapeutic Interventions For Mental Health Professionals is a 86 page A4 softback book.
ISBN 978-0-9534712-4-9

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patternotion_t_coverThis is the second book in Sampson Low’s Artist Series.

BUY Patternotion- £5 + £1.80 P&P to UK Address

60 artists and authors reveal the secret blueprints of their lives. Get inside the heads of these creative system makers, learn from their endeavours and be inspired to make a change in your life.

Patternotion is a 72 page softback book, There are 100 copies printed in each Edition.     ISBN 978-0-9534712-3-2
Each book is individually numbered.

Sampson Low Ltd Catalogue Number SLB0002
Currently selling 2nd Edition

Find out more about the project on the Patternotion website.


Page   1. Introduction and  Sampson Low Ltd Legal information   2.   Contents
3. Siobhan Tarr   4. Eskild Beck   5. Mark Lomax   6. Sally   Cockburn   7. Ella Penn   8. Tim Cullingford   9. Gerry Evans and Veronika   Cerna   10. Citizen Skwith   11. Melanie Ezra   12. Sarah Beinart   13. Tom   Hosmer   14. Sara Lerota   15. Stephanie Wilkinson   16. Darren   Atkinson   17. Thomas Yocum   18. Robert Good   19. Jessamy and Alban   Low   20. Laurette Carroll   21. Renata Szur   22. Catherine Steele   23.   Bill Mudge   24. Wayne Sleeth   25. Julia Colquitt Roach   26. David W   Ryan   27. Paul Jerram   28. Alban Low   29. Stuart Simler   30. Francesca   Centioni   31. Peter S Smith   32. Holly Daniels   33. Alexandra   Constantine   34. Stella Tripp   35. Patten Smith   36. Steve DT   37.   CRITgroup   38. CRITgroup   39. CRITgroup   40. CRITgroup   41. Carole   Robinson   42. Shona Davies and Dave Monaghan   43. Malc Dow   44. Daniel   Leek   45. David M Carroll   46. Jess Goodyear   47. Mike Russell   48. Gwen   Black   49. Natalie Low   50. Harvey Wells   51. Janet Soutar   52. Monika   Fischbein   53. Dawes Gray   54. David Bushell   55. Anna Nilsen   56. Anne   Guest   57. Nini de la Vega   58. Ella Klenner   59. Caroline Halliday   60.   Sonia Jarema
Trying other artists’ systems.   each page number will be   followed by another in brackets 63. (23).   This indicates the system thats   being attempted.   63 (?) Stephanie Wilkinson   64 (?) Sonia Jarema   65 (?)   Stuart Simler   66 (?) Darren Atkinson   67 (?) Robert Good   68 (?) Peter S   Smith   69 (?) Melanie Ezra   70 (?) Daniel Leek   71 (?) Ella   Penn
72. Thank yous