London Violins 2018 – DJ Ritu and Alban Low

The radio programme ‘A World in London’ has been at the heart of the capital’s music scene since 2007. Originally broadcast on the BBC, it is now based at SOAS Radio (University of London) and Resonance FM. Hosted and produced by DJ Ritu , the show has an unrivalled reputation for presenting a rich cultural mix that truly reflects the diverse musical tastes of London and its people. Since 2016, Alban Low has been the show’s artist-in-residence, sketching the musical guests as they play live in the studio.

DJ Ritu and Alban Low are publishing a series of books that document the ever-changing live music scene in London. London stirs with musicians from all nations, playing in venues from grand concert halls to vibrant upstairs rooms in pubs. This books aims to capture a moment in a musician’s life and tell the story of their favourite venues.

Alban Low at the London Violins exhibition 2018

The first chapbook in the A World in London series is London Violins 2018. The book’s journey started with an art exhibition at the Yehudi Menuhin Concert Hall (February – June 2018) and will be officially launched on A World in London radio programme at Resonance FM on the 6th June 2018 (6.30-7.30pm). Musicians featured in the chapbook include James Patrick Gavin and Tad Sargent, Alice Barron and George Sleightholme, Olga Baron and John Macnaughton, Robert Atchison and Olga Dudnik, Agnes Branner and Martin Weightman, Anna Lowenstein and Rey Yusuf, Richard Jones and Christian Miller.

DJ Ritu is a pioneering international turntablist & BBC Radio presenter. In the ‘90s she co-founded Outcaste Records, signing Nitin Sawhney and Badmarsh & Shri. Ritu has also broadcast for BBC World Service, Kiss 100 and many others. She manages two London club nights, Kuch Kuch and Club Kali, which are the longest running Bollywood events in the UK.

Alban Low is an artist working within London’s jazz scene, sketching in clubs by night and creating album covers by day.

London Violins 2018:
A World in London
DJ Ritu and Alban Low
Published June 2018
ISBN 978-1-910578-77-3
A6 Size
16 printed pages
Chapbook 28
Print run of 100
Price – £2
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Musicians featured in the chapbook include James Patrick Gavin and Tad Sargent, Alice Barron and George Sleightholme, Olga Baron and John Macnaughton, Robert Atchison and Olga Dudnik, Agnes Branner and Martin Weightman, Anna Lowenstein and Rey Yusuf, Sarah Montague and Andrew Ryser Szymański, Richard Jones and Christian Miller.

A special thank you to Sofia Gaetani-Morris, Norman Druker, Patrick Bernard and Sophie Darling for their support.


Small World Futures – CollectConnect at the #unsettledgallery

Small World Futures
Small World Futures is the title of an exhibition which took place in Bermondsey, London, in February 2018.
The exhibition comprised 38 miniature sculptures depicitng what life could look like in years to come. Each of these small artworks was placed in public spaces (#unsettledgallery) around London Bridge. Every day throughout February we featured one of the Worlds on the CollectConnect website alongside a piece of writing inspired by the artwork.

As with all CollectConnect ventures, Small World Futures was a non profit making collaboration. Sixteen artists provided the Small World sculptures and six writers provided the words.

This chapbook includes an art work from each of the sixteen artists alongside the words from the writers. Copyright remains with the individual artists and writers.

Lesley Cartwright (art) Ed Arantus (words)

Small World Futures
Jill Hedges, Alban Low, Alan Carlyon Smith, Kevin Acott, Sara Lerota, Lesley Cartwright, Ed Arantus, Stella Tripp, Natalie Low, Bryan Benge, Dean Reddick, Wayne Sleeth, Bethany Murray, Rebecca Lowe, Tracy Boness, Francesca Albini, Melanie Ezra, Ann Kopka and Jenny Meehan
Published May 2018
Edited by Dean Reddick
ISBN 978-1-910578-80-3
A6 Size
32 printed pages
Chapbook 24
Print run of 250
Price – £3.70
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School Run – Natalie Low

“I don’t know why they call it the school run. Nobody I know runs to school.”
Natalie Low

Four short stories that chart the weekday journey between home and school. It is an exhausting chore on those grey rainy days but also an opportunity to listen and observe the behaviour of others. The cast of characters include your own children with their unique wisdoms, cars racing to beat the school bell, and armies of scavenging rodents. Who knows who you’ll meet along the way.

Natalie Low enjoys putting words on paper and believes that everyone has a book of some sort inside them. She lives in Twickenham, UK with her rather charming family. Natalie’s first chapbook Dementia was published by Sampson Low in November 2015, and sold out within weeks.

This chapbook is dedicated to Stanley.

School Run
Natalie Low
Illustrated by Alban Low
Published September 2017
ISBN 978-1-910578-62-9
A6 Size
16 printed pages
Colour cover/ B&W interior
Chapbook 19
Print run 0f 100
Price – £2.60
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Walton-on-Thames Literary Walking Map

An A3 fold out map and a double page information sheet from Elmbridge Museum that reveals Walton’s literary connections with William Thackeray, Dirk Bogarde, Sir Arthur Sullivan, Jerome Kern, Julian Sturgis, Samuel Ireland, Matteo Sedazzari, Anne Cummings and many more.

Follow the 60-90 minute circular walk and visit literary sites of interest in Walton-on-Thames, including The Swan pub, Walton Bridge, Nettlefold Studio, Walton Library, Ashley Park , St Mary’s Church and The Old Manor House.

Elmbridge Borough Council’s Arts Development seeks to increase opportunities for people to engage in the arts, culture and heritage of our Borough, either individually or through partnerships.  With the aim of engaging residents, EBC’s Arts Development seeks to support local arts organisations and to present arts based activities that improve the physical and mental health of people who live and work in Elmbridge.

Alban Low is an artist working amongst the jazz community in London. He enjoys creating album covers, chapbooks, maps and films. His family have been publishing books since 1793.

Walton-on-Thames Literary Walking Map
Published November 2017
ISBN 978-1-910578-56-8
Folded – A5 (148 x 210mm) 4 page
Flat – A3 (297 x 420mm) 1 Map
Designed by Alban Low
Elmbridge Map Series 1
Price – £2.99
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The branch and the leaves – Giovanni Cerbiatto

Giovanni Cerbiatto is a peasant and folklorist who lives in Umbria, Italy. The world, insofar as it worlds, gathers everything, each to the other, and lets everything return to itself in its own resting in the selfsame. This is his second collection of poems translated into English.

Cerbiatto’s first poetry collection Dieci poesi con otto linee (Ten poems with eight lines) was recently reviewed by Helena Nelson at Sphinx who described it as  “A simple line, a fluid development” and ” Stylish”. Full Review HERE

Il ramo e le foglie:
The branch and the leaves
Giovanni Cerbiatto
Translated by Eva Viola Tedeschi
Illustrated by Alban Low
Published November 2017
ISBN 978-1-910578-67-4
A6 Size
16 printed pages
Chapbook 20
Print run 0f 100
Price – £2
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Reversing the Spectator – Alban Low, Kevin Acott and Bill Mudge

Alban Low, Bill Mudge and Kevin Acott spent a week together in the South Of France during the June heatwave of 2017. They didn’t have a plan about what they wanted to do, what they might create together. Alban slowly filled his sketchbook with vignettes of village life. Bill, suffering under the relentless sun, retreated to the night-time streets of Limoux and Cambieure, photographing the midnight cats and silent buildings. While Kevin worked on a set of short stories that had been inspired by his travels through the USA, Greenland and now France.

On the 14th June 2017 they walked from the Petite Rue du Palais to the cemetery in Rue Saint-François in Limoux. It was a pilgrimage to visit the grave of Madame Mongin, a neighbour who had died the previous year. Starting at Madame Mongin’s former home they wandered through the largely deserted streets of Limoux. Slowly Alban, Bill and Kevin were separated along the sun-bleached route, eventually meeting once again at the cemetery.

Kevin Acott and Alban Low. Saint-Francois Cemetery, Limoux

Although each of their experiences were different and very personal they have come together in two publications, the chapbook Reversing the Spectator and a paperbook Limoux (ISBN 978-1910578582). The chapbook features the brush and ink sketches of Alban Low and the words of Kevin Acott.

This chapbook is dedicated to Madame Germaine Mongin (1929-2016)

Reversing the Spectator
Alban Low, Kevin Acott and Bill Mudge
Published August 2017
ISBN 9781910578575
A6 Size
16 printed pages
Colour cover/ B&W interior
Rare Detail Chapbook
Print run 0f 100
Price – £2.60
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(This chapbook contains adult themes)

Pasta Prose 2016 – Robin Hutchinson

Pasta_Prose_2016_Alphabetti_Spaghetti_Challenge_SeethingAre you a pasta poet or spaghetti writer? Could you face the Alphabetti Spaghetti Challenge? One tin and twenty minutes to compose your best. When it’s over you can eat your own words – on toast. Every year as a way to combat ‘Blue Monday’, the most depressing day of the year, poets all over the world open tins of Alphabetti Spaghetti and get inspired.

The 2016 Alphabetti Spaghetti Challenge was held at Woody’s Bar in Kingston-upon-Thames on the 18th January 2016. The Hungry Poets included Philippa Willes, Simone Kay, Matthew Lloyd, Alex Moss, Louise Wood, Alban Low, Peter S Smith, Richard Stickney, Phil Wood, Hattie Thomas, Molly Freeman, Josh Hayes, Jack Dimes, Nick Chan,  Sam Brown, Noel Parachute, Fairy, Jackie Kaye, Debbie Stubbington, Andy Currums.

Robin Hutchinson is a founding trustee/director of The Rose Theatre, Kingston, director of The Community Brain CIC and chair of the charity Creative Youth, organisers of the
International Youth Arts Festival in Kingston.

Pasta Prose 2016 is the first in a new chapbook series with the inspirational community of  Seething. Seething is a State dedicated to using creativity to bring people together. It is open to everyone to join in whenever and wherever they like. They believe that by creating things and bringing people together you can release talents and energies in a community in a positive, engaging and sharing way. We support that philosophy whole heartedly here at Sampson Low.
Seething Website

BUY Pasta Prose  (£2 + £1.20 P&P to UK Address)
Robin Hutchinson and the Hungry Poets
Published January 2016
ISBN  978-1-910578-23-0
A6 Size
16 printed pages
Seething Chapbook 1

5 Star Review *****
“If this isn’t the best volume of pasta prose I’ll eat my words.”
Tony Williams ‏

Over The Skin – Carole Bulewski

Carole Bulewski Over The SkinA short story about the power of the unspoken word.

“Language is only one form of communication, and sometimes music can be a much more powerful tool than words.” – Carole Bulewski, 2015

French-born Carole Bulewski is a writer, scientist and musician who made London her home over 15 years ago. Music, in one form or another, plays an important part in all her writings. Carole is a member of urban baroque group Firefay, who are set to release their latest album ‘The King Must Die’ in early 2016.

This delightful chapbook includes 6 new colour illustrations from Alban Low.

BUY Over The Skin (£2 + £1.20 P&P to UK Address)
Carole Bulewski
Illustrated by Alban Low
Published November 2015
ISBN  978-1-910578-17-9
A6 size,
16 printed pages,
Chapbook 4,
Price – £2

Ten poems with eight lines – Giovanni Cerbiatto

50%_Page_1a copy“The world is never experienced as something which is believed, anymore than it is guaranteed by knowledge. What is needed, if this question comes up at all, is that we experience our existence in its most elementary consititution of being, as being in the world.” Giovanni Cerbiatto.

The first ever English translations of Giovanni Cerbiatto’s simple and complete poems. Little is known about this living poet from Umbria, Italy, whose work barely infiltrates the world of the internet.

This Sampson Low Chapbook is beautifully illustrated by London artist Alban Low. Best known for his work on the London Jazz scene, he shows us a quieter and more contemplative side that reflects the stillness of Cerbiatto’s poems.

Ten poems with eight lines is the second in Sampson Low’s chapbook series.
View our other Chapbooks titles.

Translated by Eva Viola Tedeschi.
The book will also be for sale at La Scala, East Dulwich, SE22 8EQ.
Famed for its Italian coffee and cakes, it can now boast the best in poetry too.

Dieci poesie con otto linee
Ten poems with eight lines
by Giovanni Cerbiatto
Translated by Eva Viola Tedeschi
Illustrated by Alban Low
Published November 2015
ISBN  978-1-910578-16-2
A6 size, 16 printed pages, Colour
Chapbook 2, SLB025

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French Days: A Pictorial Diary of South West France 2015

9781910578148An A6 booklet that folds out into a double sided A3 format. Featuring daily drawings from the sketch book of Alban Low. Recording rural life in the South West of France during the hot summer months. Capturing the humour and idiosyncrasies of the Aude and its inhabitants from Limoux to Carcassonne, stopping in Belveze du Razes, Routier, Alet Les Bains, Quillan, St Hilaire, Malvies, Montreal and Cailhau but most of all the little village of Cambieure.

“In 1999 I packed my bags and moved to the village of Cambieure in South West France, and spent four happy years there, painting the flowers and landscape that surrounded me. Eventually the promise of a family life in England took me back to London, but every summer the lure of the South is too strong to resist. Since 2012 I have been creating a drawing each day during my time in France. The sketches are memories that try to capture the flavours and sights of everyday life. Even if you have never been to this part of France, you’re sure to recognise many of the characters and situations that enrich all our lives.” Alban Low.

French Days: A Pictorial Diary of South West France 
ISBN  978-1910578148
5 pages A6 colour booklet, folds out to double sided A3 poster
Author – Alban Low
Editor – Tanya Kreisky
BUY French Days – £2 + £1.20 P&P to UK Address

Thank you to Tanya Kreisky and Natasha Barton who first brought this group of drawings together for the French Days exhibition at T&T in Alexandra Palace, September 2015.