Families and Other Fiascoes – Potcake Chapbook

Your family… you don’t choose it, you wouldn’t be alive without it, and it ripples out from you in all directions. Here 13 of the best current poets comment on children and parents, with the odd grandparent tossed in along with twins and the question of how to deal with an ex. Even an ex remains family…

Families and Other Fiascoes
Poems on relatives
Anthony Lombardy, Maryann Corbett, Vera Ignatowitsch, A.E. Stallings, Chris O’Carroll, Susan de Sola, Jane Blanchard, Michael R. Burch, Edmund Conti, Tom Vaughan, Kathryn Jacobs, Ann Drysdale, Gail White
Published July 2019
Series Editor Robin Helweg-Larsen
Illustrated by Alban Low
Art Director Eliza Helweg-Larsen
ISBN 978-1-912960-20-0
A6 Size
16 printed pages
Potcake Chapbook 4
Print run of 250
Price – £2.60
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The “Potcake Chapbook” series is named for the dogs of the Bahamas and the Caribbean – strays that live off the burnt scrapings of cooking pots. The poems in the series are a mixed bunch – but the potcake of our logo wears a bow tie to show that he and all the poems are formal. These poems are memorable in part because they rhyme and scan, as all truly memorable poetry does. We subscribe to the use of form, no matter how formless the times in which we live.

To read more about the poets featured in this chapbook visit the Potcake Poets page.

Darling’s Global Record Labels – Sophie Darling

An insight into some of the most influential global record labels from 2018/19 with current label information and quotes straight from the source. Sophie Darling has interviewed many of the label founders while writing her dissertation at SOAS University of London (School of Oriental and African Studies). Each of these labels have contributed to the popularisation of global music with a special focus on Africa and Latin America. They are at the forefront of an industry stepping out into an era of digitalisation, streaming, and the resurgence of vinyl.

Sophie Darling moved from Portsmouth to London to study ethnomusicology, and has since become embedded in radio presenting, DJ-ing, writing and podcasting. London is alive with a glorious global music scene and it provides a soundtrack to her daily life. Sophie has a particular interested in the digitalisation of the music industry and the “one-man”(ish) record labels phenomena – with questions about crate digging, re-issues and more. sophiedarlingmusic.com

Darling’s Global Record Labels
Sophie Darling
Published May 2019
ISBN  978-1-912960-15-6
A6 Size
16 printed pages
A World in London Chapbook 3
Print run of 100
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And Then She Kissed Me – Jessamy Low

Jessamy Low created this exciting chapbook of poetry, collage poetry and visual poetry alongside artist Debbie Chessell. It includes seven poems of dreamy longing interspersed with a voice that struggles to escape the page.

And Then She Kissed Me
Jessamy Low
Published April 2019
ISBN  978-1-912960-14-9
A6 Size
16 printed pages
Chapbook 34
Print run of 100
Price – £2.60
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