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Small World Futures
Small World Futures is the title of an exhibition which took place in Bermondsey, London, in February 2018.
The exhibition comprised 38 miniature sculptures depicitng what life could look like in years to come. Each of these small artworks was placed in public spaces (#unsettledgallery) around London Bridge. Every day throughout February we featured one of the Worlds on the CollectConnect website alongside a piece of writing inspired by the artwork.

As with all CollectConnect ventures, Small World Futures was a non profit making collaboration. Sixteen artists provided the Small World sculptures and six writers provided the words.

This chapbook includes an art work from each of the sixteen artists alongside the words from the writers. Copyright remains with the individual artists and writers.

Lesley Cartwright (art) Ed Arantus (words)

Small World Futures
Jill Hedges, Alban Low, Alan Carlyon Smith, Kevin Acott, Sara Lerota, Lesley Cartwright, Ed Arantus, Stella Tripp, Natalie Low, Bryan Benge, Dean Reddick, Wayne Sleeth, Bethany Murray, Rebecca Lowe, Tracy Boness, Francesca Albini, Melanie Ezra, Ann Kopka and Jenny Meehan
Published May 2018
Edited by Dean Reddick
ISBN 978-1-910578-80-3
A6 Size
32 printed pages
Chapbook 24
Print run of 250
Price – £3.70
BUY Small World Futures (£3.70 + £1.20 P & P)

The Rats’ Republic: A Walk in Walthamstow Taking Note of Manhole Covers and Other Entrances to the World Beneath Our Feet

9781910578049The Rats’ Republic
A Walk in Walthamstow Taking Note of Manhole Covers and Other Entrances to the World Beneath Our Feet

Published April 2015
ISBN 978-1-910578-04-9
A3 fold out map
Author – Dean Reddick
Editor – Alban Low

BUY  The Rats’ Republic – £2 (+£1.20 P&P to UK address)

This Walthamstow based short walk begins at Vestry House Museum goes past St Mary’s Church and The Ancient House and takes in The Nags Head Pub. The map indicates the site of manhole covers on part of the route. Covers in the road are not included and the route assumes walking on the left hand of the road. The Rat’s Republic refers to the underneath of our city. To the sewers and cables, tunnels and Underground train system. Every day millions of people enter this underworld to travel. The world beneath our feet contains water and gas, our electricity and a proliferation of telecommunication cables.

20%_6_Dean_Reddick_The Rats Republic Map Page finalDean Reddick is an Artist and Art Therapist based in Walthamstow and creator of the famous Hidebird installation along Barrett Road, E17, UK.

To see more of Dean’s work visit his website at…

This map was first exhibited at the ‘On the map’ exhibition at the Sunbury Embroidery Gallery, Sunbury-on-Thames in 2015.

On The Map exhibition

50%_poster_map_6 copyWelcome to the On The Map exhibition from CollectConnect artists. Earlier this year publisher we commissioned 12 new maps from a group of exciting contemporary artists. Each map was designed to be printed as an A3 fold out sheet with 4 supporting pages on it’s reverse side.

There is an inherent beauty in maps, like the Dwell book that proceeded this exhibition maps are a 2 dimensional rendering of a 3 dimensional form. They are often interpretations of the real world in a graphic light with motifs and lines that help us find anything from roads to windmills.

Artists are natural observers and organisers who like categorise through visual means. This map exhibition gives us the chance to see the world around us through the eyes of 14 artists from around the UK.

The Sunbury dice game by Alban Low and Harvey Wells

The Sunbury dice game by Alban Low and Harvey Wells

The artists were asked to consider 3 criteria.

Their map should be set in the real world, somewhere in the UK.

That it should include a route which could be walked.

The walking of the map shouldn’t cost more than £10 (train fares, entrance to museums, lunch)

Sampson Low Ltd have printed them all in colour at an A5 (21×14.8cm) size with an A3 fold out map incorporated. They will be selling the maps at an affordable £2 (+ Postage and Packing) so that anyone can try one of these artist’s walks or frame them on their wall.

The artists are –

Bill Mudge
Melanie Ezra and Rose Davies
Bryan Benge
Robert Good
Peter S Smith
Dean Reddick
Tahira Mandarino
Alban Low and Harvey Wells
Phillip Cribb
Stuart Simler
Jill Hedges
Glyn Walton

The exhibition runs from 14th April to 10th May 2015
Private View – 23rd April, 6.30-8.30pm
The Sunbury Embroidery Gallery
The Walled Garden, Thames Street
Sunbury-on-Thames, TW16 6AB

All welcome. We hope you can find your way there.
If not, I’ll draw you a map!


We would especially like to thank Robert Shaw, Barbara Robertson, Tahira Mandarino at the Sunbury Embroidery Gallery. Also Spelthorne Borough Council for their support of the exhibition.

Dwell: A book of Nets from CollectConnect

25%_Cover_Dwell_Sampson_Low_ltd copy

The latest publication from CollectConnect artists is being released in February 2015 by Sampson Low Ltd. London based artist and art therapist Dean Reddick has brought together  artists from around the world to publish a book of 30 practical Nets. Each black and white page is easy to photocopy and ready for all ages to build themselves. The Nets are graded with completion times and building tips. A magical book about 2D plans with the potential to become 3D dwellings that can be adapted and coloured by the reader.

Dwell: A book of Nets
Published February 2015
ISBN  978-1-910578-00-1
64 pages A4 Softback
Author – Various Artists

BUY Dwell – £7 + £2.40 P&P to UK Address

Alban Low Scrunchy Shed
Beth Davis Hofbauer Castle in the Sky
Bryan Benge City Scape
Catherine Wynne-Paton Raft at Sea
Dean Reddick Shelter One and TreeHouse
Eleanor Bedlow Container
Ella Klenner & Fausto House by the Wild Sea
Eve Allsop Home
Gavin Blackhurst 46 Malbet Park
Helen Hunt Thoreau’s Room
Holly Daniels Fairy Dwelling
Jane Hellings Shipping Container
Jay Snelling Pyramid
Jessamy Low Ocelot Villa
J Masson Abri
Keziah Reddick Dream dwelling
Kim Reddick Crates
Lisa Howes Flat Pack
Malc Dow Escape Dwelling
Melanie Ezra Caer Hecsagon
Mike Russell Negated Obstacle
Natalie Low Dwellow Submarine
Nick Gammons Castle
Rajaa Khalife Paixao Confessions of an artist
Sabatin Bascoban The Caravan
Sara Lerota Table as a place..
Steve DT The Sistene Chapel
Stuart Simler Trojan Horse
Tamara Jelaca Little house in Prairie

Visit the CollectConnect website to find out more about the authors.

The Future Bound 2013: A Creative Yearbook from UCA Epsom Further Education Students

future_bound_image69 Pages of insightful artwork from UCA Epsom’s Diploma in Art and Design –
Foundation Studies, Pre-U Level 3 Diploma students and CollectConnect artists

The Future Bound
Published May 2013
ISBN 978-0-9534712-2-5,
72 pages A5 Softback
Author – Various Artists
BUY The Future Bound – £5 + £1.80 P&P to UK Address

The_future_bound_Epsom_UCA_publicity_33%Artwork by 4. Robert Norris 5. Stuart Duffell 6. Abigail Verge 7. Rachel Yemitan
8. Alice Firman 9. Lexy Sharps 10. Perry Rowe – 11. Tunika Biswas 12. Robert
Reynolds 13. Pascale Davies 14. Jessica Tallett 15. Natalie Harris 16. Claudia
Lussana 17. Elouise Chadderton-Illing 18. Charlotte Harris 19. Lydia Dwek 20.
Laura Gravenell 21. Colette George 22. Alice Darby 23. Natasha Skliar-Ward 24.
Kimberley Bautista 25. Rosie Howe 26. Ellie Revell 27. Sophia Taylor 28.
Jonathan Kvedaras 29. Rosie Storer 30. Emmanuel Anim-Ayekoh 31. Elisabeth Lewis
32. Branka Kovacevic 33. Natalie Hallson 34. Alban Low 35.Elizabeth Rudrum 36.
Laura Matthews 37. James Etherington 38. Jakub Grzybowski 39. Flikaline Rosalka
(Lissea Jordan) – 40. Lauren Taylor Slevin 41. Matthew Fiveash 42. Sadiyah Mir
43. Madeleine Taylor 44. Sylwia Misarko 45. Bryan Benge 46. Emily Brinkley 47.
Joshua Rodrigues – The Gambling World 48. Lucy Carasco – and joined 49. Elli
Abernethy – Innocence 50. Daniel Gould – Apollo 51. Rosalind Adams – 52. Chloe
Laurence – Rooftops 53. Michaela Yearwood-Dan – Stimulants 54. Rhys Downey –
Waiting 55. Talia De Cunha – A Nest 56. Perry Rowe 57. Lilian Nejatpour 58.
Fraser Donaldson – The Majestic 59. Rumena Ahmed – A Bunch 60. Sabryanne Surrey
– Shieldmaiden 61. Paige Brown – Everywhere, Peace 62. Louise Griffin – A Cave
63. Gemma Louise Blackett – Plant That 64. Gemma Okeke – Tools and 65. Simone H
Ackuaku – Its Statement 66. Ellie Chasty – Obesity 67. Dean Reddick – Incisionin
68. Claire Moisset – 69. Kayliegh Daly – Ugly Future 70. Stuart Simler – Journey
to Anywhere 71. Nina Patel – Will Be 72. Niamh Wilson