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Small World Futures
Small World Futures is the title of an exhibition which took place in Bermondsey, London, in February 2018.
The exhibition comprised 38 miniature sculptures depicitng what life could look like in years to come. Each of these small artworks was placed in public spaces (#unsettledgallery) around London Bridge. Every day throughout February we featured one of the Worlds on the CollectConnect website alongside a piece of writing inspired by the artwork.

As with all CollectConnect ventures, Small World Futures was a non profit making collaboration. Sixteen artists provided the Small World sculptures and six writers provided the words.

This chapbook includes an art work from each of the sixteen artists alongside the words from the writers. Copyright remains with the individual artists and writers.

Lesley Cartwright (art) Ed Arantus (words)

Small World Futures
Jill Hedges, Alban Low, Alan Carlyon Smith, Kevin Acott, Sara Lerota, Lesley Cartwright, Ed Arantus, Stella Tripp, Natalie Low, Bryan Benge, Dean Reddick, Wayne Sleeth, Bethany Murray, Rebecca Lowe, Tracy Boness, Francesca Albini, Melanie Ezra, Ann Kopka and Jenny Meehan
Published May 2018
Edited by Dean Reddick
ISBN 978-1-910578-80-3
A6 Size
32 printed pages
Chapbook 24
Print run of 250
Price – £3.70
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Tita Petita Chihuahua – Becki Flack

Tita Petita Chihuahua is a wonderfully bright chapbook that combines the paintings and poetry of Becki Flack. An experienced painter of dogs and cats, Becki is best known for her pet portraiture that captures an individual pet’s personality, often including the unique environment that they call home.  In 2015 a little dog with a big heart (and a big bark) came into Becki’s life, transforming it forever. She became the Dog Mother of a very special Chihuahua called Tita who enjoys dressing up. Becki has been working on a series of oil paintings of her ever since, called The World of Tita Petita Chihuahua where she paints her in various guises- as a Mexican, a Rapper, a Nurse and even a Superhero! The paintings are detailed and painted with love and a big dollop of humour. Becki hopes the Tita Petita Chihuahua chapbook will make you smile.

Becki Flack has a BA (Hons) Fine Art (Painting) degree from De Montfort University & a BTEC Development Award in Childrens’ Book Illustration from Chelsea College of Art. She produces collages of Nature in its most idealized form as a type of vivid Paradise. She creates the work on a landscape that she has painted in oils. She then plays with different images from decoupage, wrapping paper or magazines until she finds a composition she likes. Usually animals are included as she loves them and also flowers for their beauty and colour.  Her wish is to produce mini celebrations of life that give her pleasure and inspire joy in the viewer.

Website –
Instagram – titapetitachihuahua
Facebook – TitaPetitaChihuahua
Facebook – Becki Flack Fine Artist

Tita Petita Chihuahua
Becki Flack
Published November 2017
Series editor – Alan Carlyon Smith
ISBN 978-1-910578-66-7
A6 Size
16 printed pages
Carlyon Chapbooks Square Peg Series 1
Print run 0f 250
Price – £2
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Art Jazzed Up CD

Art Jazzed Up CD

Art Jazzed Up CD

Art Jazzed Up
Published May 2014
ISBN 978-0-9534712-7-0,
8 page A5 booklet and CD
Mike DiRubbo (alto Saxophone), Duncan Eagles (Tenor Saxophone), Max Luthert (Bass), Bill Mudge (Piano), Dave Storey (Drums), Alban Low (Art)
Running time 43.03 minutes

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Track listing –
1. Skip’s Blues (DiRubbo) 6:17
2. Folk Song (Eagles) 6:21
3. Banrock Station (Luthert) 8:19
4. The Decision (Mudge) 7:05
5. Midnight Mass (Eagles) 4:06
6. Lunar (DiRubbo) 10:55

Art Jazzed Up exhibition

Art Jazzed Up exhibition

The CD was recorded on the 11th November 2013 by Nick Pugh at The Art Jazzed Up exhibition, The Shaw Gallery, Croydon.

Initially 8 short pieces of music were released for the artists to listen to. These were by musicians Mike DiRubbo, Bill Mudge, Duncan Eagles, Max Luthert and Peter Ibbetson. The artists then sent their responses to the exhibition committee. 250 artworks were selected, 24 were shortlisted by the musicians themselves and a winner, Chris Holley, was chosen by curator Alan Carlyon Smith. All the artworks were displayed in jewel cases at the Shaw Gallery.

Art Jazzed Up and CD

Art Jazzed Up and CD

On the 11th November 2013 the exhibition was opened to the public along with a unique performance that combined live art and music. The audience sat facing 3 blank paper canvases while Mike DiRubbo (alto saxophone), Duncan Eagles (tenor/soprano saxophone), Bill Mudge (piano), Max Luthert (Bass) and Dave Storey (drums) were hidden behind the white screens. Alongside the musicians was artist Alban Low, also hidden to the audience. As Low drew in spirit ink on the canvases his lines slowly seeped through to the audience’s side and images started to magically appear.

The exhibition is part of an ongoing project that is exploring the relationship between Art and Music. The Murder Minutes project has screened its films all over the world and collected a few awards along the way. Check out the website here – MURDER MINUTES

If you would like to see what it all looked like on film then check out this video by Dan Redding – Banrock Station on Youtube