Art Jazzed Up CD

Art Jazzed Up CD

Art Jazzed Up CD

Art Jazzed Up
Published May 2014
ISBN 978-0-9534712-7-0,
8 page A5 booklet and CD
Mike DiRubbo (alto Saxophone), Duncan Eagles (Tenor Saxophone), Max Luthert (Bass), Bill Mudge (Piano), Dave Storey (Drums), Alban Low (Art)
Running time 43.03 minutes

BUY Art Jazzed Up – £8 + £1.80 to UK address

Track listing –
1. Skip’s Blues (DiRubbo) 6:17
2. Folk Song (Eagles) 6:21
3. Banrock Station (Luthert) 8:19
4. The Decision (Mudge) 7:05
5. Midnight Mass (Eagles) 4:06
6. Lunar (DiRubbo) 10:55

Art Jazzed Up exhibition

Art Jazzed Up exhibition

The CD was recorded on the 11th November 2013 by Nick Pugh at The Art Jazzed Up exhibition, The Shaw Gallery, Croydon.

Initially 8 short pieces of music were released for the artists to listen to. These were by musicians Mike DiRubbo, Bill Mudge, Duncan Eagles, Max Luthert and Peter Ibbetson. The artists then sent their responses to the exhibition committee. 250 artworks were selected, 24 were shortlisted by the musicians themselves and a winner, Chris Holley, was chosen by curator Alan Carlyon Smith. All the artworks were displayed in jewel cases at the Shaw Gallery.

Art Jazzed Up and CD

Art Jazzed Up and CD

On the 11th November 2013 the exhibition was opened to the public along with a unique performance that combined live art and music. The audience sat facing 3 blank paper canvases while Mike DiRubbo (alto saxophone), Duncan Eagles (tenor/soprano saxophone), Bill Mudge (piano), Max Luthert (Bass) and Dave Storey (drums) were hidden behind the white screens. Alongside the musicians was artist Alban Low, also hidden to the audience. As Low drew in spirit ink on the canvases his lines slowly seeped through to the audience’s side and images started to magically appear.

The exhibition is part of an ongoing project that is exploring the relationship between Art and Music. The Murder Minutes project has screened its films all over the world and collected a few awards along the way. Check out the website here – MURDER MINUTES

If you would like to see what it all looked like on film then check out this video by Dan Redding – Banrock Station on Youtube


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