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Small World Futures
Small World Futures is the title of an exhibition which took place in Bermondsey, London, in February 2018.
The exhibition comprised 38 miniature sculptures depicitng what life could look like in years to come. Each of these small artworks was placed in public spaces (#unsettledgallery) around London Bridge. Every day throughout February we featured one of the Worlds on the CollectConnect website alongside a piece of writing inspired by the artwork.

As with all CollectConnect ventures, Small World Futures was a non profit making collaboration. Sixteen artists provided the Small World sculptures and six writers provided the words.

This chapbook includes an art work from each of the sixteen artists alongside the words from the writers. Copyright remains with the individual artists and writers.

Lesley Cartwright (art) Ed Arantus (words)

Small World Futures
Jill Hedges, Alban Low, Alan Carlyon Smith, Kevin Acott, Sara Lerota, Lesley Cartwright, Ed Arantus, Stella Tripp, Natalie Low, Bryan Benge, Dean Reddick, Wayne Sleeth, Bethany Murray, Rebecca Lowe, Tracy Boness, Francesca Albini, Melanie Ezra, Ann Kopka and Jenny Meehan
Published May 2018
Edited by Dean Reddick
ISBN 978-1-910578-80-3
A6 Size
32 printed pages
Chapbook 24
Print run of 250
Price – £3.70
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School Run – Natalie Low

“I don’t know why they call it the school run. Nobody I know runs to school.”
Natalie Low

Four short stories that chart the weekday journey between home and school. It is an exhausting chore on those grey rainy days but also an opportunity to listen and observe the behaviour of others. The cast of characters include your own children with their unique wisdoms, cars racing to beat the school bell, and armies of scavenging rodents. Who knows who you’ll meet along the way.

Natalie Low enjoys putting words on paper and believes that everyone has a book of some sort inside them. She lives in Twickenham, UK with her rather charming family. Natalie’s first chapbook Dementia was published by Sampson Low in November 2015, and sold out within weeks.

This chapbook is dedicated to Stanley.

School Run
Natalie Low
Illustrated by Alban Low
Published September 2017
ISBN 978-1-910578-62-9
A6 Size
16 printed pages
Colour cover/ B&W interior
Chapbook 19
Print run 0f 100
Price – £2.60
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Dementia – Natalie Low

9781910578186_Dementia_Natalie_LowA challenging and emotive A6 chapbook that explores the subject of Dementia. Its narrative flows through notes and lists between a mother and daughter. The book captures a moment in time where love and confusion are both protagonists in the drama of our lives.

“It is not often you write a note to someone to tell them what they have done. A selection of my mum’s notes to and from me, lists for herself, objects and paper, collected in the winter of 2015.”
Natalie Low, November 2015.

The chapbook is full of colour plates documenting many of the notes and lists themselves.

Natalie Low is not a writer, but she enjoys putting words on paper and believes that everyone has a book of some sort inside them. She lives in Twickenham, UK with her rather charming family.

Dementia: an edited correspondence
Natalie Low
Published November 2015
ISBN  978-1-910578-18-6
A6 size,
16 printed pages,
Chapbook 3,
Price – £1

Dwell: A book of Nets from CollectConnect

25%_Cover_Dwell_Sampson_Low_ltd copy

The latest publication from CollectConnect artists is being released in February 2015 by Sampson Low Ltd. London based artist and art therapist Dean Reddick has brought together  artists from around the world to publish a book of 30 practical Nets. Each black and white page is easy to photocopy and ready for all ages to build themselves. The Nets are graded with completion times and building tips. A magical book about 2D plans with the potential to become 3D dwellings that can be adapted and coloured by the reader.

Dwell: A book of Nets
Published February 2015
ISBN  978-1-910578-00-1
64 pages A4 Softback
Author – Various Artists

BUY Dwell – £7 + £2.40 P&P to UK Address

Alban Low Scrunchy Shed
Beth Davis Hofbauer Castle in the Sky
Bryan Benge City Scape
Catherine Wynne-Paton Raft at Sea
Dean Reddick Shelter One and TreeHouse
Eleanor Bedlow Container
Ella Klenner & Fausto House by the Wild Sea
Eve Allsop Home
Gavin Blackhurst 46 Malbet Park
Helen Hunt Thoreau’s Room
Holly Daniels Fairy Dwelling
Jane Hellings Shipping Container
Jay Snelling Pyramid
Jessamy Low Ocelot Villa
J Masson Abri
Keziah Reddick Dream dwelling
Kim Reddick Crates
Lisa Howes Flat Pack
Malc Dow Escape Dwelling
Melanie Ezra Caer Hecsagon
Mike Russell Negated Obstacle
Natalie Low Dwellow Submarine
Nick Gammons Castle
Rajaa Khalife Paixao Confessions of an artist
Sabatin Bascoban The Caravan
Sara Lerota Table as a place..
Steve DT The Sistene Chapel
Stuart Simler Trojan Horse
Tamara Jelaca Little house in Prairie

Visit the CollectConnect website to find out more about the authors.