Dwell: A book of Nets from CollectConnect

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The latest publication from CollectConnect artists is being released in February 2015 by Sampson Low Ltd. London based artist and art therapist Dean Reddick has brought together  artists from around the world to publish a book of 30 practical Nets. Each black and white page is easy to photocopy and ready for all ages to build themselves. The Nets are graded with completion times and building tips. A magical book about 2D plans with the potential to become 3D dwellings that can be adapted and coloured by the reader.

Dwell: A book of Nets
Published February 2015
ISBN  978-1-910578-00-1
64 pages A4 Softback
Author – Various Artists

BUY Dwell – £7 + £2.40 P&P to UK Address

Alban Low Scrunchy Shed
Beth Davis Hofbauer Castle in the Sky
Bryan Benge City Scape
Catherine Wynne-Paton Raft at Sea
Dean Reddick Shelter One and TreeHouse
Eleanor Bedlow Container
Ella Klenner & Fausto House by the Wild Sea
Eve Allsop Home
Gavin Blackhurst 46 Malbet Park
Helen Hunt Thoreau’s Room
Holly Daniels Fairy Dwelling
Jane Hellings Shipping Container
Jay Snelling Pyramid
Jessamy Low Ocelot Villa
J Masson Abri
Keziah Reddick Dream dwelling
Kim Reddick Crates
Lisa Howes Flat Pack
Malc Dow Escape Dwelling
Melanie Ezra Caer Hecsagon
Mike Russell Negated Obstacle
Natalie Low Dwellow Submarine
Nick Gammons Castle
Rajaa Khalife Paixao Confessions of an artist
Sabatin Bascoban The Caravan
Sara Lerota Table as a place..
Steve DT The Sistene Chapel
Stuart Simler Trojan Horse
Tamara Jelaca Little house in Prairie

Visit the CollectConnect website to find out more about the authors.



FreedBook Published 2012

Published 2012

The first publication from the Low Family in over 100 years has arrived in our offices! We’re delighted to be working with the artist’s group CollectConnect who exhibit in unusual places all over the world.

FreedBook is a 72 page softback book, containing 68 one-page stories from 50+   artists.     There were 100 copies printed in the First Edition.
Each book is individually numbered.
Each book is signed by at least one of the artists. Sampson Low Ltd Catalogue Number SLB0001
BUY Freedbook – £5 + £1.80 P&P to UK Address

The First edition has sold out, please get in touch at
alban.low@sampsonlow.com so see if still have copies of the 2nd pressing.

The FreedBook was launched in November 2012 in partnership with the Books For London network of libraries on London’s Rail Network.
Check out the whole story on the FreedBook website or watch the video on YouTube

Artists/authors and their stories –     Ella Penn – Changing States Of Play      Natasha Day – Love Poem      Julie   Lawrence – In Waiting      Errol Russell – Love it      Monika Fischbein –   Insecurity is a light sleeper      Gwen Black – Small Changes      Jill   Hedges – I Dont Feel How I Look      Sonia Jarema – Pure Self      Sharon   Read – Rain on the Pier      Jess Goodyear      Renata Szur –   Distance      Roz Cran – Taking the water (Hastings)      Stuart Simler –   Map of the Human Condition (revisited II)      Robert Good – Affirmative   Action      Dean Reddick – Paper Skin      Francesca Centioni – Shadows left   behind      Tracy Jones – Having a matchstick eye day      Dan Leek –   H__ngm_n      Andrew Mead      Siobhan Tarr – Legless in Burgenland        Tom Hosmer – Wings      Alexandra Constantine – Gather      Natalie Low –   Log      Janet Soutar – Genomes1234      Alex Kozobolis      Sabatin   Bascoban – 10      Jane Denman      Ann Kopka – I’ve Got A Thing About   Trains      Holly Daniels – Have I Got News For You      David Bushell –   More Farted Against Than Farting      Jimmy Ross – The Choking Gasp        Anna Nilsen – Flying Woodpecker      Steve DT – Day Dreams      Stuart   Simler – Map of the Human Condition (revisited)      Stuart Simler – Rights of   the child      Sara Lerota – A moment in childhood      Shona Davies &   Dave Monaghan – The Diagnosis Stuart Simler – Map of the Human Condition (revisited III)      Helen Hunt – From the ‘Lost Books and Forgotten Stories’   series.      Ang McDonald – Return of the Mouselord      Citizen Skwith –   Wand      Mike Russell – The Entrance Door To Life      Gerrard Lindley –   Blowin Free      Stephanie Wilkinson – Stuff happens      Peter S Smith –   Waiting      Peter S Smith – Dragons      Mark Lomax – Road trip      Lucy   Foster – The Story of an Artist      Alban Low – Murder Minutes      Bryan   Benge – Beast Boy 1      Bryan Benge – Beast Boy 2      Bill Mudge – Let me   show you to your room      Dean Reddick – Pictures and Words      Alban Low   – Gifted Constellations      Bryan Benge – Asthma boy 1      Bryan Benge –   Asthma boy 2      Julian Claxton – Shower      Dean Reddick – The   Advert      Alban Low – Summer      Dean Reddick – A January Day        Melanie Ezra – A False Dawn      Steve Cohen – I wonder      Antony Roberts   – The Duel      Alban Low – One-sided conversationsearch       Darren   Atkinson – Life on the Balcony      Mike Dunn – Makin Disturbances        Natasha Day – Watching Vallanes Mountain      Chris Gilson – Books For   London

More information – FreedBook & CollectConnect websites