Dementia – Natalie Low

9781910578186_Dementia_Natalie_LowA challenging and emotive A6 chapbook that explores the subject of Dementia. Its narrative flows through notes and lists between a mother and daughter. The book captures a moment in time where love and confusion are both protagonists in the drama of our lives.

“It is not often you write a note to someone to tell them what they have done. A selection of my mum’s notes to and from me, lists for herself, objects and paper, collected in the winter of 2015.”
Natalie Low, November 2015.

The chapbook is full of colour plates documenting many of the notes and lists themselves.

Natalie Low is not a writer, but she enjoys putting words on paper and believes that everyone has a book of some sort inside them. She lives in Twickenham, UK with her rather charming family.

Dementia: an edited correspondence
Natalie Low
Published November 2015
ISBN  978-1-910578-18-6
A6 size,
16 printed pages,
Chapbook 3,
Price – £1