Colouring Walls – Stella Tripp

9781910578391_50After the success of her first publication for Sampson Low, artist Stella Tripp returns with a new chapbook of mesmeric line drawings. These drawings grew out of two recent series: “murmurations” in which black and white triangles are assembled to create larger shapes; and “grid drawings” in which intersecting lines create a net that twists and distorts but doesn’t break. Combined here in playful visual meditations, they become walls that skew space and embrace difference.

These walls can be coloured by the viewer to create new compositions, bringing a fresh sense of collaboration to the chapbook scene. There is a trend for adult colouring books at this time but Colouring Walls is a step beyond the usual colour-by-numbers approach to the genre. It is not easy to choose your path across these walls, do you strike out across a path or wash over the walls with a wave of colour. The choice of course is yours.

Use the hashtag #colouringwalls on all social media to find out what everyone else is creating.

colouring_walls_33Stella Tripp is an artist based in Exeter, Devon. Art is her way of trying to understand the world and connect with it. Working with a wide variety of techniques and materials, Stella creates a broad range of art in both two and three dimensions. Going back to basic black-ink-pen on paper – a childhood favourite – is at the same time a relief and a different kind of challenge. This series of drawings started out as a creative exercise exploring the expressive potential of such limited materials. The resulting images could also be seen as a visual metaphor for integration.

BUY Colouring Walls (£2 + £1.20 P&P to UK Address)
A visual exploration of difference and integration
Stella Tripp
Published February 2017
ISBN  978-1-910578-39-1
A6 Size, 16 printed pages,
Black and White
Chapbook 15,
Price – £2


Murmurations – Stella Tripp

Stella_Tripp_MurmurationsA set of 14 beautiful and mesmeric drawings from artist Stella Tripp. The drawings pull you in, catch the eye and stoke the imagination.

Visual meditations on an individual’s inclination to be a self contained unit, while at the same time being part of the larger unit that is a community. Reminiscent of a murmuration of starlings, each drawing is an accumulation of one repeated shape – or variations of it – creating another shape. Individual triangles shaping and shaped by those around them. Embracing imperfections, relationships, connections, and the spaces in between. What’s left out is as important as what’s put in.

Stella Tripp is an artist based in Exeter, Devon. Art is her way of trying to understand the world and connect with it. This series of drawings began during a two year term as president of Exeter Synagogue, and can be seen as a visual metaphor for an individual’s responsibility for shaping society.

BUY Murmurations (£2 + £1.20 P&P to UK Address)
A visual exploration of individuality and community
Stella Tripp
Published January 2016
ISBN  978-1-910578-20-9
A6 Size, 16 printed pages,
Black and White
Chapbook 6,
Price – £2

Train or Ward? by Alban Low

Welcome to the first publication in our Poster/Pamphlet series.

Train_or_ward_coverTrain or Ward?
A five page A5 pamphlet that folds out into A3 poster in full colour.
The pack also includes one 5x7cm magnet from the NOSE exhibition 2014.

BUY Train or Ward – £2 (+ £1.20 P&P to UK address)

48 vignettes that document one-sided conversations heard on trains from around the UK and within a Simulated Mental Health ward at Kingston University and St George’s University London. Can you guess where each conversation originated?
These vignettes were first exhibited at the NOSE Festival in Exeter on the 29th March 2014 as a set of magnetic artworks each measuring 5 x 7cm. They were placed on lampposts and railings throughout the city, the public were invited to pick them up and collect or to leave for people to discover throughout the festival. Psychotherapist Harvey Wells joined artist Alban Low both in installing the magnets and in the simulated ward where they instigated their successful art programme.


Train or Ward Poster (A3)

Not Open Studios Exeter 2014 (NOSE) is a fringe event where the focus is on artworks and
artists working outside of the confines of studio-based practice. It reframes the City with elusive and surreptitious events, that includes site-sympathetic/specific interventions and installations; sensory journeys and acts of close observation; gestures, marks and interfaces.

“If you sit still long enough, just watch and listen, then people’s stories come to you, whether that is riding a bus or sitting in doctor’s waiting room. This project started as amusing illustrations for my facebook friends and has picked up speed ever since. The ‘Train or Ward’ exhibition aims to break down the oundaries by taking Art out of the gallery and into public spaces but also by challenging attitudes towards Mental Health in the community. The ‘normal’ lines are blurred, it is impossible to detect whether a conversation has originated from
the mental health ward or the local train. It is clear though that there is humour and pathos in abundance in both these environments.” Alban Low

ISBN  978-0-9534712-6-3
Folded – A5 (148 x 210mm) 4 page
Flat – A3 (297 x 420mm) 1 Poster
Signed by artist Alban Low on poster (Bottom right)
SLB0005 Each pack contains a 50x70mm magnet from the Train or Ward exhibition

BUY Train or Ward – £2 (+ £1.20 P&P to UK address)