Natasha Day – Blue Plaque Cambridge

33%_co_plaque_natasha_day_artistIn preparation for our Cambridge Blue Plaque Walk at this year’s Art Language Location exhibition we will be celebrating some of our nominees. They have all been preserved in blue plaque glory and will be placed on the streets during our walk on the 18th October 2014.

Until recently Natasha Day was a local artist who worked (and taught courses) in Ely but many of us know her as the eternal traveller who paints global landscapes and photographs her voyages for us all to experience.


Natasha Day (Courtesy of

I have personally been following her work since she exhibited on the Sussex seafront for the Brighton Open exhibition in 2011. Although this was on a miniature scale her strong and colourful abstracts immediately took the eye. It is no surprise that she has taken inspiration from her time living in Australia.

It is not all about vivid colours and hot climes though! I was lucky enough to edit Sampson Low’s very own book of one-page stories, FreedBook (2013), which included not only a photograph but a poem too from a typical Day expedition in Iceland.

Since then she has spent two weeks in Iceland on an Artist Residency. She was faced with bold but elusive mountains, pale lights and violent weather changes that enabled her to embrace a freer, chaotic, approach with a tempered end result. Never one to sit still she has recently moved to Norwich and we are awaiting the first crop of magical paintings to burst forth from her studio.


Natasha Day – Emergence

“It has taken me years to evolve into the artist that I am today. Through many courses, styles, approaches and experimentation with different media, I’m sure I will keep on learning and changing as I paint and teach, which is one of creativities great joys, you never stop evolving if you are alive.” Natasha Day explains.

Join us on the Cambridge Blue Plaque Walk by meeting outside Cambridge Rail Station, 10.30am on 18th October 2014. There will be Free maps or buy one for £2
Please visit the Art Language Location website where you find plenty more text based art around the city. –

Alban Low

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