Connection – Dimitra Petsa, Charlotte Bell and Rosie Rosenberg

The fourth chapbook in the Confronting Rape Culture Series (edited by Debbie Chessell) is another CFC book that is both disarming in its beauty and powerful in the rawness of its message. Dimitra Petsa’s Halloween is a gentle vignette about human reaction and connection, capturing a moment of deep thought. The beam of light from Charlotte Bell’s honesty shines straight into our eyes, branding our reality with her truths in Cold and Tight and Scared. Defiance still rings true in Rosie Rosenberg’s An Anagrammatical Fuck You to the Patriarchy, the bell will keep tolling, loud and clear.

Halloween – Dimitra Petsa
Cold and Tight and Scared – Charlotte Bell
An Anagrammatical Fuck You to the Patriarchy – Rosie Rosenberg

CONFRONTING RAPE CULTURE are a group of artists, designers, activists and believers, who united to create change. They organise exhibitions, workshops and publications, initiating social activity to raise awareness of rape culture present in all parts of the world, under all disguises. Funded by O2, they are a non-profit organisation focused on addressing issues through creativity

To keep up to date with the group’s activities, please visit

Dimitra Petsa, Charlotte Bell and Rosie Rosenberg
Designer: Debbie Chessell
Editor: Debbie Chessell
Photographer: Molly Baker
Published March 2017
ISBN  978-1-910578-45-2
A6 Size,
16 printed pages,
Confronting Rape Culture Chapbook 4,
Price – £2
BUY Connection (£2 +£1.20 P&P to UK Address)

For more information on Confronting Rape Culture visit their exhibition at the Museum of Futures (25 March – 2 April 2017, 117 Brighton Road, Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames). The exhibition showcases work from over 40 international artists. Through a range of multi-media works, the show discusses how normalized misogynistic and sexist behaviours provide the foundations for domestic abuse, rape, and systematic oppression. The event includes film, performance, workshops, writing, painting, sculpture and installation to open a broad and in-depth conversation.

Exhibiting artists: Ant Stevens, Bryony Wedge, Carolina von Teutul, Dimitra Petsa,  Debbie Chessell,  Holly Duffield, Jamie Christie, Jason Nulty, Yasmine Griffiths-Williams, Lola Normal, Lucy Ross,  Maria Kaffa, Far Awayaa, Molly Baker, Molly Mae Smalls. 

Published Artists: Charlotte Bell,  Dimitra Petsa,  Harriet Bradley,  Katie Hammett,  Bryony Wedge,  Marcus Wratton,  Feven Em,  Far Awayaa.



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