Outthinking Wenger – Kevin Acott

“On the 29th March, 2017, in the midst of the travelling he’d done so much to encourage, my friend Paul died. He was an astonishing person, someone whose mere presence made you feel you too were an astonishing person. I wish I could have shown you his words – always elegant, witty, compelling and compassionate – but it didn’t feel right. Instead, here are some texts I sent him while he was living so vigorously and brilliantly with the inevitable.”
Kevin Acott

Outthinking Wenger:
A One-Sided Conversation

Kevin Acott
Published September 2017
ISBN 978-1-910578-61-2
A6 Size,
16 printed pages,
Black and white
Acott Travel Chapbook 5
Print run of 100
Price – £5
Outthinking Wenger (£5 + £1.20 P&P to UK and Worldwide Addresses)

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