Amniotic City – Lucy Furlong

A City awash with feeling, topography of the Goddess. History in the cracks, a glimpse of green between the earth and sky still exists through an open door, where X marks the spot for a conversation with Her. The River Fleet runs deep under the City of London, carrying the hopes and dreams of the workers scurrying across its surface, held in the belly of a sleeping female, waiting to be reborn.

11 years after its first publication, Lucy Furlong revisits Amniotic City in a series of new explorations, once again poking her nose in the nooks, passageways and liminal spaces therein. She discovers new terrain and new stories in this second edition of her poetry map.

Amniotic City – 2nd Edition
Lucy Furlong
Designed by Mel Hetherington
Published October 2022
ISBN 978-1-915505-12-5
Folded – 14cm x 10cm
Flat – A2 (2 sides)
Price – £12
BUY Amniotic City – £12 (+£2.20 P&P)

“ Furlong’s poems are recognisably sited; potential liturgies for re-enactment. They are proposals, less bent on cutting passages than on following clues to alignments of desire in patterns immersed in the terrain; an interweaving of intimacy and otherness.”
Phil Smith, The Routledge International Handbook of Walking


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