Crowfinger – SJ Fowler and Bård Torgersen

The boldest take on photopoetry and corvids of the last decade, Crowfinger is a book that offers more than meets the eye. Juxtaposing Torgersen’s candid and striking photographs of Norwegian forests with Fowler’s precise and unrelenting poetry, it comes at you like evening fog between the trees. The poems see you before you see them, and unless you’re careful they’ll lure you off the path. It is lucky then that Crowfinger is here to guide you home. Because you may not know Crowfinger, but Crowfinger sure knows you.

BUY Crowfinger (£4.99 + £2.20 P & P)

SJ Fowler and Bård Torgersen
Published December 2020
ISBN 978-1-912960-65-1
A5 Size
36 printed pages
Cimera Series #4
Print run of 200
Price – £4.99
BUY Crowfinger (£4.99 + £2.20 P & P)

“This is menacing and funny and antic and accusatory and gorgeous and just the best kind of collaboration. It gives us a new way into ekphrasis and a new maze to lose ourselves in. Were you having beautiful thoughts in the beautiful place? Can you just be f*cking honest for once in your life?”
Luke Kennard, poet

“The only thing I could compare this book to is going for a run in the forest in the middle of the night. Surrounded by pitch black you hurtle yourself into a little pocket of light whilst trying your best to ignore whatever it is that’s watching you from the shadows. I’m not sure if I read the book or the book read me.”
Mikael Buck, photographer