1930s Musicians of Mortlake, East Sheen and Barnes – Alban Low

Discover the homes and lives of 1930s musicians who lived and worked in East Sheen, Mortlake and Barnes. Including short biographies from famous residents to more forgotten names.

Alban Low is a London based artist who illustrates album artwork, publishes books, designs maps, and organises inclusive exhibitions. He is artist-in-residence on the radio programme A World in London with DJ Ritu.

1930s Musicians of East Sheen, Mortlake and Barnes
Alban Low
Published November 2019
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Musicians and locations –
1. Herbert Clay (violin) – 22 Rothesay Avenue, TW10 5EA
2. Harold ‘Bert’ Heath (trumpet) – 12 Leinster Ave, East Sheen, SW14 7JP
3. Winifred Copperwheat (viola) – 4 Westhay Gardens, SW14 7RU
4. Aubrey Brain (French horn) – 22 Richmond Park Rd, East Sheen, SW14 8JT
5. Michael Graydon (French horn) – 7 Park Drive, SW14 8RB
6. Sheelah Field (harp) – 14 Sunbury Avenue, SW14 8RA
7. Arthur Bliss (composer/conductor) – Old Mortlake Burial Ground, SW14 8BP
8. The Bull’s Head – 373 Lonsdale Rd, SW13 9PY
9. Victor Moon (violin) – 38 Brookwood Ave, SW13 0LR
10. Eric James (piano/composer/arranger) – 23 Brookwood Avenue, SW13 0LR
11. Bobby Howell (musical director) – 29 The Crescent, SW13 0NN
12. Walter Harding (piano) – 42 Hillersdon Ave, SW13 0EF
13. Violet Pusey (violin) – 43 Glebe Rd, SW13 0EB
14. George Harlow (cornet) – 72 Elm Grove Rd, Barnes, SW13 0BX
15. Jimmy Mayers (trumpet) – 4 The Crescent, SW13 0NN
16. Frederick Thurston (clarinet) – 22 Lowther Rd, Barnes, SW13 9NX
17. David Andrews (piano) – 49 Castelnau, Barnes, SW13 9RT
18. Percy Whitaker (flute) – 33 Ullswater Rd, Barnes, SW13 9PL
19. George Alexander (piano) – The Coach House, 105 Castelnau, SW13 9EL
20. Joy Boughton (oboe) – 117 Lonsdale Rd, Barnes, SW13 9DA
21. Thomas Wightman (bassoon) – 49 Lonsdale Rd, Barnes, SW13 9JR
22. Mary Keel (oboe) and Frederick Keel (composer) – 207 Castelnau, Barnes, SW13 9EA

Thank you to Roy Cooke; M.G. Thomas; The National Jazz Archives; The British Library; Melody Maker; NME; The British Newspaper Archives; The National Archives; BBC; the team at A World In London (DJ Ritu, Sophie Darling, Norman Druker, Lucas Keen, Patrick Bernard); The Gramophone Record Store; and my wife Natalie.

The names and addresses of musicians in this book have been sourced from Musician’s Union handbooks from the 1930s. Every effort has been made to research and verify
information and we are grateful to those experts who have helped in the making of this series. If you know any additional information or corrections then we would love to
include them in future editions. Contact alban.low@sampsonlow.com