Macbett, ver. 2 – Laurensia Puia

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This debut poetry pamphlet dissects a pre-existing play and turns it into poetry. By taking the old and making it new (twice), Macbett ver. 2  hints to past great writers while experimenting with language and form to express timeless concerns from a contemporary perspective.

Laurensia Puia is a poet and writer studying in London. She is interested in Avant Garde poetry and prose, film and theatre. Apart from experimenral language, her work also involves images, sound and materials.

Macbett, ver. 2
Laurensia Puia

Published February 2020
ISBN 978-1-912960-37-8
A6 Size,
16 printed pages,
Print run of 200
Writers Centre Kingston Chapbook #10
Price – £2.60
BUY Macbett, ver. 2 (£2.60 + £1.20 P&P to UK Address)