Emptpy Poems – Martin Wakefield

“Martin Wakefield’s ravishing sequence of ‘Emptpy Poems’ is elegant, spare and haunting. And haunted. The spectral traces of Apollinaire’s poems are still just visible beneath Wakefield’s enigmatic creation. There seems to be a strange attraction between the poems on the surface and the ghost poems beneath such that, in places, the surface poems shiver into italics to mirror the font change of the trace poems. Sometimes this becomes an ‘interference’ caused by the spectral poems, mysteriously pushing at words within the poems above, or pulling them into new spellings, compressions and splittings. This resonates powerfully with the operations of the mind itself and how it responds to the energies and interruptions of its memories, its subconscious, and its physical embodiment, as well as reflecting on the way all language is similarly shaped and inhabited by ghosts.”
— Susie Campbell

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Emptpy Poems
Martin Wakefield

Published December 2022
ISBN 978-1-915505-14-9
A6 Size
28 printed pages
Chapbook 47
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BUY Emptpy Poems (£3.60 + £1.20 P&P)