DREAM RED – Nina Fidry

Dream Red, the debut publication from poet Nina Fidry, is a remarkable collection of concrete and projective poems filled with abstract imagery and multi-lingual play. Experimenting with space, composition, font, text-size and mathematics, these remarkable poems create a series of elegant divisions, forcing the reader to think of what could be and/ or what they are there for.

BUY DREAM RED (£2.60 + £1.20 P&P to UK Address)

Nina Fidry
Published June 2021
ISBN 978-1-912960-83-5
A6 Size,
16 printed pages,
Print run of 200
Writers Centre Kingston Chapbook #14
Price – £2.60
BUY DREAM RED (£2.60 + £1.20 P&P to UK Address)

Designed to evidence the remarkable contemporary and innovative poetry being written by current and recent Kingston University Creative Writing students, this series of beautifully designed pamphlets each features a suite of poems, most often on one theme or in one style, by a solo author. The series mark the first publications of many poets who are very likely to be significant presences on the UK scene and beyond in the coming years.