E ∩ N – Silje Ree

E∩N by Silje Ree is a poetry collection which uniquely uses words found across the English and Norwegian language. The debut collection is both intriguing and delightful, showing Silje Ree’s sagacious grasp of words and skilfully emphasising both the acoustic and visual elements of language. The bilingual footnotes are artful and inventive, creating a dialogue with the poem’s main body to give a powerful exploratory dynamic. The combination gives the reader who possesses knowledge of both languages a unique and profound connection and understanding with the material. Moreover, this divergence of language evokes curiosity in the English reader to find out the different meanings and explore the idiosyncrasy languages. E∩N is a result of Silje’s experience of living in both countries, and she explains that knowing two languages creates opportunities for cunning words and phrases to transpire. Ultimately, Silje executes the deviation in the footnotes with brilliance, guiding us to experience the poetry from the poet’s intent.

E ∩ N
Silje Ree
Published January 2018
ISBN  978-1-910578-74-2
A6 Size,
16 printed pages,
Print run of 250
Writers Centre Kingston Chapbook Series Edition #3
Price – £2.60
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