Slurps – Patrick Cosgrove

SLURPS is the utterly unique, bold and bountiful debut publication by poet-artist Patrick Cosgrove. A book of visual poetry that explores the colourful, haptic spaces between words, occasionally bumping into a few along the way. SLURPS are poems that like to feel what words feel, while mostly afraid of what they might say. A book of linguistic abstraction, gesture and pattern, sound and smell – this is organic poetry, full of the actual sucking sounds of everyday life.

Patrick Cosgrove is an artist and parent. His work often explores the boundaries between different artistic domains: visual art, sculpture, sound, 􀅀lm, performance and poetry. Much of his practice has been, and continues to be, inspired by S. J Fowler’s Poem Brut project, for which he has frequently performed.

Patrick Cosgrove

Published June 2021
ISBN 978-1-912960-67-5
A5 Size
36 printed pages
Poem Brut Series #1
Print run of 100
Price – £4.99

Poem Brut celebrates artistic creative writing and its relationship with neurobiology – embracing text and colour, space and time, handwriting, composition, abstraction, illustration, sound, mess and motion – affirming the possibilities of the page, the pen, the process, the performance and the voice in a computer age. It is a project that celebrates genuine authentic originality in poetry, without overt recourse to biographical context and identity, and resists a literature of control, neatness, poise and direct, didactic meaning.

Poem Brut has offered an alternative understanding of 21st century literature since 2017 and has formed a quiet movement in British, and global, poetry.
Series edited by SJ Fowler.

Poem Brut website