I Return to You – Susie Campbell

This pamphlet explores how we inhabit a world of marks. Some of these marks we make to communicate, demarcate or belong. Others are more mysterious. We don’t know how to read them or who made them. We may not even know if they are deliberate or just a trick of the light.

“From this obsession was born first a performance, creating a set of chalk marks which I found particularly resonant, then an interest in taking these marks out into the street: allowing them to mingle with, and hide amongst, the multitude of everyday signs, marks and symbols with which we are surrounded. Finally, the poems arrived in this chapbook, an appropriate form for a series of poems that started out as an interest in itinerants, such as the itinerant pedlars or chapmen who were the original purveyors of these little books. The poems comprise words, marks and photographs that explore our relationship with, and responsibility for,  a world of marks –  including the marks of our written language –  and how technology has in some ways detached us from our marks and in other ways, returned them to us through new forms and media.”
Susie Campbell, 2019

Susie Campbell is studying for a practice-based poetry PhD at Oxford Brookes. Her other poetry pamphlets are The Bitters (Dancing Girl Press, 2014), The Frock Enquiry (Annexe, 2015) and Tenter (Guillemot Press, 2020).
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I Return to You
Susie Campbell
Published August 2019
ISBN  978-1-912960-21-7
A6 Size
16 printed pages
Chapbook 36
Print run of 100
Price – £2.60