Sammy the Seal – Sohana Low

Once there was a seal who wanted to become famous having lots of amazing adventures, but fame wasn’t all that great. All the flashing lights annoyed him and he had no peace and quiet. So he decided to escape to the bottom of the sea……

Sohana Low is a 7 year old inventor, her favourite food is popcorn. Her latest invention is a robot that fires sweets. She is the great, great, great, great, great, grand daughter of Sampson Low. She wrote ‘Sammy The Seal’ after seeing the real life Sammy in Weymouth on holiday. She is writing ‘Sammy goes to the city’ which will be a touch, feel and sniff book. Please buy this book if you can because the money will go to charity and some will go to the publisher who spent his own money to make this into a book for everyone to enjoy.

BUY Sammy the Seal (£2.60 + £1.20 P&P)

Sammy the Seal
Sohana Low
Published November 2020
ISBN 978-1-912960-61-3
A6 Size
16 printed pages
Chapbook 43
Print run of 100
Price – £2.60
BUY Sammy the Seal (£2.60 + £1.20 P&P)