1930s Musicians of Twickenham and Whitton – Alban Low

9781912960170Discover the homes and lives of 1930s musicians who lived and worked in Twickenham and Whitton. Including short biographies from famous residents to more forgotten names. You can also find more modern sites to visit, including shops, pubs and the Royal Military School of Music.

Alban Low is a London based artist who illustrates album artwork, publishes books, designs maps, and organises inclusive exhibitions. He is artist-in-residence on the radio programme A World in London with DJ Ritu.

1930s Musicians of Twickenham and Whitton
Alban Low
Published May 2019
ISBN  978-1-912960-17-0
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A World in London Chapbook 4
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Walk the route

Musicians and locations –
Max Castelli’s School of Music – 32 London Road, TW1 3RR
Twickenham Palais / Kay Kirchin – 9 King St, TW1 3SD
The Luxor Picture Theatre – 1 Cross Deep, TW1 4AG
The Newborough Club – Cross Deep, TW1 4QN
Eddie Wood – 22 Poulett Gardens, TW1 4QR
Fred Darbey – 42 Tennyson Ave, TW1 4QY
Boris Rickelman – 84 Pope’s Grove, TW1 4JX
Ernest Carter – 50 Bonser Rd, TW1 4RG
Cyril Grantham – 30 Pope’s Grove, TW1 4JY
Brinsworth House – 72 Staines Rd, TW2 5AL
H. W. Day – 3 Melbourne Court, TW2 6PH
Winning Post – Chertsey Rd, TW2 6LS
Variety Artists’ Memorial / Wheeler Dryden – Twickenham Cemetery, Hospital Bridge Road, TW2 6DG
Lionel Page – 13 Evelyn Close, TW2 7BL
Henry Iles – 18 Melrose Ave, TW2 7JE
Norman Hillam – 5 Coniston Rd, TW2 7HH
Herbert Knapp – 66 Bridge Way, TW2 7JJ
Morris Melluish – 69 Hall Farm Drive, TW2 7PG
Royal Military School of Music – Kneller Hall, 2 Kneller Rd, TW2 7DN
Arthur Williams – 15 Kneller Road, Whitton Percy Hampton – 46 Gladstone Ave, TW2 7PR
Arthur Aiken – 19 Rosecroft Gardens, TW2 7PT
Victor George Russell – 15 Craneford Way, TW2 7SB

Thank you to M.G. Thomas; The National Jazz Archives; John Chilton; Brian Rust; Melody Maker; NME; The British Newspaper Archives; The National Archives; BBC; the team at A World In London (DJ Ritu, Sophie Darling, Norman Druker, Lucas Keen, Patrick Bernard); The Gramophone Record Store; and my wife Natalie.