Francesca Albini – Dreamtime Chapbook Series

Francesca Albini

Francesca Albini

In the past few months we’ve been lucky to sign several new editors here at Sampson Low. They have all embarked upon their very own chapbook series, and these will be stamped with their unique vision and design. Francesca Albini has been publishing with us since December 2015 when she released Dreamtime Reflections into the world. It proved a popular choice and subsequently reached Number 1 in the UK Chapbook Chart. It also inspired the name for Francesca’s new series, Dreamtime Chapbooks.

“Dreamtime, words as maps, maps as distances, rhythm and images, jazz, memories, dreams. And space, empty to fill, full to empty. A series for all the word travellers and the imagery explorers.”
Francesca Albini, 2017

Francesca Albini was born in Venice, Italy in 1959, and has been living in London for over 30 years. Her father was Umberto Albini, professor of Ancient Greek at the University of Genova, Italy, scholar and prolific writer and translator. She has translated fiction and non-fiction books for more than 25 years, from classics, like Anne Bronte, to modern alternative authors, such as Will Self.

9781910578360_garden_Francesca_AlbiniFrancesca’s first chapbook in the Dreamtime series was Garden which is typical of her ethereal and whimsical style. Her second will be Altogether Elsewhere, a collection of poems from Jazzman John Robert Clarke. We think Francesca has a beautiful flavour to her chapbooks and we hope you enjoy reading them over the coming months and years.
Follow the series at Dreamtime Chapbooks.

Dreamtime Reflections – Francesca Albini

Francesca_Albini_ChapbookThe reflections photographed on a rainy day in Oxford Street became a map for a dreamtime story, a walk between reality and its mirrors.

Francesca Albini is an explorer of dimensions. Sometimes she gets lost, but not for long. When she is over here, she is a translator, writer, videographer, and a very mixed media artist. She usually has a sense of humour. And a very inactive website that you are welcome to visit, because things are always changing.

BUY Dreamtime Reflections (£2 + £1.20 P&P to UK Address)
Francesca Albini
Published December 2015
ISBN  978-1-910578-19-3
A6 Size, 16 printed pages,
Chapbook 5,
Price – £2

“It strongly resonated with me, the observing of everyday things, the already-there, but being open to its strangeness and wonder. The Greeks had a word for it; qaumazien –thaumazein – to stand in radical astonishment towards being-in-the world.”
Giovanni Cerbiatto ‏