What I Did On My Holidays – Kevin Acott

The sixth and final instalment in Kevin Acott’s travel series draws together his 6 month journey in an elegant 16 page chapbook.

What I Did On My Holidays
Kevin Acott
Published November 2017
ISBN 978-1-910578-72-8
A6 Size
16 printed pages
Acott Travel Chapbook 6
Print run 0f 100
Price – £5
BUY What I Did On My Holidays (£5 + £1.20 to UK and Worldwide addresses)


Inukshut – Kevin Acott

Inukshut is the second chapbook in Kevin Acott’s series as he travels down from Vancouver to San Francisco via Seattle, Washington State and Oregon.

“In March this year, I went to a First Nations restaurant in Vancouver and had one of the best meals of my life. While I was waiting to be served, the manager bought me a book to read. It was a book about the systematic removal, abuse and stripping of identity of hundreds of thousands of First Nations, Metis and Inuit children in Canada. Earlier that day, I’d been reading on the Guardian website about the forced deportation of children from the UK to Australia and the discovery of the remains of hundreds of  babies in a mass grave in Tuam in Galway.  I found myself momentarily resenting the bloke in the restaurant for showing me the book: all I wanted was an ‘exotic’ meal…”
Kevin Acott

Kevin Acott is a London-based model, cult singer, poet and astronaut. He’s currently having a few months off to wander about a bit, take photos, hang around, watch, be watched, talk, listen, write down everything everyone says to him, worry about injuries to Spurs players and eat cheese.

This book is dedicated to Misha, to the Salmon ‘n’ Bannock in Vancouver and to the survivors, families, journalists and supporters who are keeping the fight going.

Kevin Acott
Published April 2017
ISBN  978-1-910578-49-0
A6 Size,
16 printed pages,
Acott Travel Chapbook 2
Print run of 100
Price – £5
Inukshut (£5 + £1.20 P&P to UK and Worldwide Addresses)

Travel Chapbook Series – Kevin Acott


We’re excited to launch a new series of chapbooks at Sampson Low, all from the pen/camera of Kevin Acott as he travels around the globe in 2017. Kevin launched our chapbooks series in November 2015 with South, which proved an instant success, selling-out its print run in a matter of weeks. He now embarks on a new adventure that starts in North Carolina before heading west to Vancouver. He then hitches a lift down the Pacific Coast to San Francisco where he’ll study for a month in a Zen retreat before travelling to the frozen world of Greenland to take up his a position as writer-in-residence in Qaqortoq. The final stop is Limoux, France for four months of writing amongst the vines in the heat of summer.

map_3_50Over his 8 month adventure Kevin will be publishing 6 chapbooks with us and we’d like to offer you the chance to subscribe to the full collection. You’ll receive each book in the mail before anyone else and read about his adventures. Your subscription will support Kevin during this time and your name will appear on the back page of each chapbook (If you’d prefer to remain anonymous then that’s fine too).

Each chapbook has an ISBN and a copy will be archived at the British Library, The Bodleian Library, Cambridge University Library, the National Library of Scotland, the National Library of Wales and the Library of Trinity College, Dublin.

Kevin’s chapbooks will have a limited print run of just 100 copies.

We have now closed subscriptions to Kevin’s first chapbook series but keep in touch with Kevin Acott on Medium.